so, where to begin?

Not quite sure on how to begin a new Blog.

What does one write for their first post? Is it supposed to be a ‘hello’ or an introduction, with information about me, and who I am, or just something totally random?

One of the reasons for setting up this space, is to have a blank piece of paper almost to type, write, think out loud. Somewhere to write, somewhere to vent, somewhere to discuss, somewhere to argue, with others maybe?! and if not with others, then just with myself. I do enough of that in my own head, so the idea is to try to start writing down.

And , I guess, for me, the point is to therefor be able to process things through in a slightly more clearer way than I sometimes do.

I am not an intellect, and not educated at any high level. I am unable to go into great details about theology and philosophy (the fact i can spell the words are bonus) and I make no effort to pretend to be anything other wise. However I am interested  in life, faith, work home, people, love, Jesus and lots more.

I am particularly interested in how things such as Christianity are relevant to people where they are at. How it is relevant to me … in the past, now, and maybe how it could be in the future. And how it is for other people too.

Currently I am exploring who I am as a person, my identity, what those to things mean anyway, and how they can go hand in hand with life, and a belief systym. My belief systym essentially being Christainity.

Over the last couple of years, I have had the real honour of meeting some wonderful people, and making friends with some true stars. People who love me, sustain me, and endure the battle of life along side me. And sometimes it does not make for pretty times …but these guys/gals have taught me so much about life, and they inspire me so much.

These people allow me to be me. I dont have to pretend to be something I am not. I dont have to try and be clever, pretty, smart. I can be me. And in being allowed to do that, I am becoming stronger, more confident, and more able to actually make decisions and actively explore the mystery that is life.

I have high’s … good times, fab times. Some real fun moments, days, weeks. Times of smiles and laughter.

And then I have low times, bad days, dark weeks and months. Days when the idea of even getting out of bed is too much.  Times when I have no strength in my bones to move, and no energy to mentally cope.

I swing between the two, and in the middle of that manage whatever life throws at me. And the last 25 years have been full of things being thrown at me … its been quite an interesting journey … one I will definately be writing more about throughout the course of this blog.

So, I could ramble on forever, but for a first post, I’ll try and keep it short but sweet ish 🙂

I would be honoured if you would join me on this writing journey. Feel free to chip in, in fact I would love to hear from people, to connect with folk and to continue exploring together.


One thought on “so, where to begin?

  1. I look forward to joining you on the journey hun. Love your header image 🙂 And you say you’re not an intellect…well, you certainly have a really nice writing style.

    I look forward to reading more.

    Take care x

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