beautiful child

its a good few years ago now, it was night, quite late, and i  was sat on a bench, at the top of a grandstand, looking out on to a festival site which was all quiet and sleepy. the beer tent was still open, friends either in there, or sleeping. didnt know where to go, where to fit in. and as i searched through my bag for my smokes, i found this poem, which i had been given earlier on in the day.

and as i reread it, and then  again, and read again and again and again little did i know how poignant this poem was going to be in the years to come. how much more difficult life was going to get, but how this poem would go with me wherever i was.

so , just wanted to share it with you

beautiful child …

You are not broken, beautiful child

Nothing about you is wrong.

Other people have made their mistakes on you

But you survived.

You are whole.

You will heal, you will be all you ever want to be

You no longer remain the victim of those years.

Your body is yours.

You can fill it with joy.

Your thoughts are in your control.

Your feelings are free as the sound of chiming bells.

You are loved.

You are loveable beautiful child.

You always were.

You are forgiven.

– Becky Birtha


Photo: ©Hmphz


5 thoughts on “beautiful child

  1. Ditto: stunning: thank you. I know a lot of people who I think would find this helpful.

    I’m tripping up on the last line, though: “You are forgiven” — because I don’t think those who’ve been abused need to be forgiven: they haven’t done wrong, they’ve been wronged … but I’m aware of the chaos and confusion of guilty feelings … so maybe the words need to be said, and heard…

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