all these words and feelings, and emotions i wrote down once, to describe how i was feeling. at one time. can be a challenge sometimes when you feel so much, so many things, all at once.

(if your looking for ‘listening to God Part 1 and 2 , they are below this)

(image created using http://www.wordle.net)


3 thoughts on “emotions/feelings

  1. Wow…. This is really amazing. How did you do this? In Photoshop? It’s generally positive. Which is nice to see. But would be okay if it wasn’t too.

  2. hi paul
    check out http://www.wordle.net its there. pretty cool isnt it.

    as for the words, yeah, there are some positives ones.

    i have another one, same style as above, which I did, with some not so positives but I havnt posted that yet (dont know if i will)



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