when was the last …? – Part 2

a few months back, i was asked to be involved in some creative ideas and helping to set up a 24/7 prayer event at the church I am connected with . So I did, and I also spent 12 hours over night in the church sanctuary with my housemate as the main people ‘manning’ for safety etc … also to be able to pray if and when people didn’t come in to cover the hours. I had signed myself up for a two hour slot anyway. Thing is, I am not entirely sure how and sometimes often wonder why I manage to get myself involved in situations like this, because my prayer life is hardly adequate. In fact it would be fair to say sometimes I am not even on speaking terms with God. Its something I hope to/want to develop throughout 2010.

any how, at three am, i took up a space on the main area floor, with my pen and paper, ipod, and asked God to tell me what to write. Never done it before. Never sat and  so willingly wrote what it was i felt i was hearing god saying.

this is not a normal occurrence for me, and not normally the sort of thing i write, however, i wanted to share it with you.

below is what was written, on to pieces of paper, in black pen which i then decorated with little red love hearts.

When was the last time someone said to you ‘I love You?’

Stop ….

Listen …

Hear the voice

Maybe it’s the smallest, faintest sound.

Maybe it’s a whisper, blowing in the wind,

Maybe it’s a loud bang, so loud it hurts your ears,

Or maybe, just maybe it surrounds you in the every day noise.

Have You ever stopped to listen? … to hear …?

Try it now …

What do you hear? What do you want to hear?

Don’t be scared, or afraid.

Listen to Him say ‘I love YOU’

Surround yourself in the whisper, the wind, the loud bang, the everyday noise. Listen to Him saying ‘I LOVE YOU’






Whoever you are, wherever life has taken you, whatever you’ve done …

Just stop, and listen …

Listen to Him saying



4 thoughts on “when was the last …? – Part 2

  1. hey love, hope your ok?

    i heard it, and wrote it down, didnt apply it to me, or take it in myself either, just knew it had to be written down for someone … glad you read it.

    i read it to myself every now and then … it makes me think, alot.

    confused sometimes too.

    hugs to ya hon,
    H x

  2. Hey there,

    Yeah, I’m ok. Very tired and unwell at the moment, but ok.

    I’m going through a period where God and I are struggling somewhat, but it’s ok because I think that is a good thing, and in the end will lead to a better relationship, or something like that. I’d love to experience him a bit more I suppose. I wonder where he is at times.

    Ah well, it’s all part of the process.


  3. What beautiful words! I think even people with the best prayer life (and that’s not me!) struggle to connect with God at times. There is no doubt from your words that you definitely connected with God on that night. Sometimes (and I speak having just had a similar experience at a 24/2 event we held over Easter) it’s about making time to hear God’s voice. And in today’s world, that’s increasingly difficult.

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