I was reading the blog of a new friend on twitter last night, and found this poem. I find it beautiful so thought i’d share.

I want by Adrian Plass

I want to be touched by affectionate eyes

I want to be welcomed when welcome is rare

I want to be held when my confidence sighs

I want to find comfort in genuine care.

I want to be given untakebale things

I want to be trusted with hearts that might break

I want to fly dreaming on effortless wings

I want to be smiled on when I’m awake.

I want to see sunsets with people who know

I want to hear secrets that no-one should hear

I want to be guarded wherever I go

I want to be fought for when dangers appear.

I want to be chained to the lives of my friends

I want to be wanted because and despite

I want to link arms when the foolishness ends

I want to be safe in the raging night.

I want to be sheltered although I am wrong

I want to be laughed at although I am right

I want to be snug in the heavenly song

I want to be loved – I want to be light


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