my cardboard testimony

i found something a long time ago , on you tube, which i found by chance again tonight. i showed it to a friend, because it is quite a moving thing. basically people write their testimony in basic words, on cardboard. One side of the card board are big lettered words describing something, and then they turn it over to reveal the other side. these are their stories/testimonies.

my friend and i got talking about our own cardboard testimonies, and so i thought, i would share mine with you (obviously just written, and not on cardboard).

worthless, abused, ashamed, depressed, broken and wanting to die

learning to live again


6 thoughts on “my cardboard testimony

  1. I am glad that you are learning to live again: you are not worthless, far from it, and it is those who have abused you who should be ashamed.

    As for you: you are a child of the Living God, the God who takes the broken, the depressed, the dying and invites them to hold their heads high … a bruised reed he will not break, a flickering candle he will not put out.

    Yes, there are endless questions about why this God of ours doesn’t seem to step into the fray earlier, to prevent the damage in the first place, and I have no answers to those… and there are times I want to walk away from God’s incompetence … but always, always, I’m drawn back…

    Simply sending my love.

  2. I’ve seen the cardboard testimonies – powerful all in its self. Yours is just a powerful as you have just given tremendous HOPE to any who would write the same words on their piece of cardboard.

    So many feel exactly the same way you do…but don’t feel they can even begin to learn to live again. YOU are an inspiration, you are hope – you will love living again.


  3. We’re using the cardboard testimony at our church right now. Each week we look at the life of a person from the Bible and create their cardboard testimony. I thought our worship design team was original! I was wrong!

    It’s good to see people being so open about depression. It’s helpful to others going through the same thing. I, too, spent many, many years living with depression. If I can ever be of help I’d be glad to share my experiences. No one should have to live like that.

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