please remember them.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them

Laurence Binyon

Some of you who read this blog regularly may remember a post I wrote a year ago to the day, which was called ‘thank you’. It was about the experience I had with a person I was working with, an elderly gentleman who I had the honour of sitting with and talking about the war, stirred by the fact it was Remembrance Day. I shall not have that opportunity again, because sadly he died during the course of the last year, peacefully. You can find the blog here if you would like to read it : Thank you

When I wrote those words, last year, I had already been and took part in the service in town, at the 11th hour on the 11 day, of the 11 month. To remember.

As I write now, although it is 11th Nov 2010, its the middle of the night, and I have yet to go. But I shall.

Again, I shall go and stand with many hundreds, and be silent for 2 minutes. Another year has gone by, another year of people dying, in the name of their country. Another year of a war still raging, and another year of young men and woman selfless giving up their daily lives and for many their entire lives to protect with a dream of peace.

In our local newspaper, as with many local papers I am sure, there was a letter from a local Legion man, asking and encouraging support. Beside it was a smaller letter from a lady, explaining why she would be wearing a white poppy. Thing is, I do not see Rememberance Day as an appropiate day to be making a political statement.

I also do not see how wearing a red poppy suggests you do not stand for peace. I know what the poppy is, and stands for. If you don’t know the history behind the poppy, google, check it out. Its to do with the fact that poppy flowers grew out on land that was ravaged and devastated by war. It was a field that became a grave for many men. It was a field that something did grow on and survive. The poppy.  The poppy represented then and does represent life, colour and hope.

A poppy represents rememberence and in this busy world, and in this day and ages when our lives are so full of other stuff, I do believe in the importance of just stopping. For two minutes of a day. Its not much is it ?

Stop , regardless of whether you agree with war or not, to remember the lives loss, and being lost now.

To remember the families effected. The children growing up without parents. The parents continuing to age without their children. The brothers and sisters who have lost siblings.

To remember those soldiers out in the battle grounds today, and those being rehabilitated after horrific injuries.

I’d also urge you to read my previous blog actually as I think it says well how I feel. Its linked above  and talks a bit about why its so important to me. And in fact, as every year goes by, seems to become more and more important. Maybe its because I have a serving family member out on post presently, and a friend about to fly out as a chaplain to the soldiers already out there. Maybe its because I could easily have grown up without a mother, or a father who both served in the military.

I am not asking anyone to condone war. I am not asking people to debate it.

I am just  simply and respectfully asking that  you spend two minutes to remember them, on the 11th hour, of the 11th day on the 11 month.