thinking of you.

with half an hour left (or less by the time I have pressed sent) before we leave this day, and move into the 26th Decembers 2010, I wanted to write a little blog.

I wanted to say I’ve been thinking of you today. My friends, my family, people I know well, people I don’t know so well, and people I don;t know at all but have connected with through the wonderful world of online social-ness.

I’ve spent most of today working, and so throughout the course of my very busy shift I have also had the chance to think about people I’ve never even met, or know about, such as the sick (very poignant considering my job), the homeless, the hungry.

I want to say Merry Christmas to those of you who have had lovely days, and I really really hope thats most of you. I hope you’ve all had a good chance to be with friends, and family, and people who you love and who love you.

I want to say I’ve been thinking of you too though if your day has not been so merry. In your hurting, your grieving, your pain. You have been in my thoughts and I hope today has been survivable.

lots of love

Fragmentz x