I’m attempting to post most days in 2011

Happy new Year from Fragmentz everyone! I hope for all of you, wherever you are right now, and what ever situations you are in/dealing with that 2011 will treat you kindly, that you will be loved and have people to love, and that the year brings some of your dreams/wishes/desires.

I had intended to write a ‘its the new year, lets review the past’ kinda blog, but i have decided that it will be 2011 for quite some time yet, so there is no rush to do that, so in time, i will be looking at the last 10 years, or some of it, and I will be thinking about the future year/years to come, my hopes, and aims. Just going to be taking my time πŸ™‚

Anyway, with a little nudge from friends, and a project that word press have launched for 2011, ive decided that I am going to attempt to post most days in 2011. I think the actual word press project is to post every day, however I think that might be slightly ambitous and setting dear Fragz Β for a mighty fall, and also once a week is too little, so my aim is to post most days!

I feel I have neglected my blog, my readers, my friends who follow me, and my own desire to write and be creative, either with blog writing, poetry or photo taking. So, one of my ambitions for this year is to tap back into what I enjoy doing.

If you already follow me, thanks you, I really value your support and Β if your new or a recent follower, welcome to the ride! I look forwards to hearing from you guys soon.

Love Fragmentz x


11 thoughts on “I’m attempting to post most days in 2011

  1. weekly posts are even hard for me. i just post when the inspiration strikes.

    i’m rootin for you. You inspire many, and will no doubt help even more.

    Happy New Year!!!

    {{HUG}} for you

  2. Hey Marie!
    Thanks for the comment, and the roots. Its gonna be tough, and thats why I aint set my self up to post EVERY DAY!! Im going to try my best. but sometimes there are just days when it does not happen right?
    so lovely to hear from you hope your well xx

  3. I post erry day, but it helps that I have no life :p there’s no point in setting a schedule for yourself that you know is too rigorous, because you’ll just be bummed out if you fail. On the other hand, rise to occasion! conquer uncertainty! BE AWESOME.

    I get a little overexcited sometimes.

  4. hey sugary cynic, excitement is sometimes good! πŸ™‚ and your totally right, about being hacked off if i fail, i would be which is why im not gonna worry too much if i dont every day blog.
    nice to ‘meet’ you, thanks for stopping by to say hi! πŸ™‚

  5. i hope my previous comment attempt doesn’t now make this one a double.. ? any-who i’ll be reading your daily’s with a smile, it’s a hard slog but good fun – cheers alan

  6. I left you some messages via various means on New Years Eve…did you get any of them? At least I now know you are alive and well since you are still blogging here. Keep it up. And do start taking pictures again. You’re too talented not to!

    • yo.
      this comment is after our good old yarn, but just to say its great to have got us hooked up again. Hope to hear from you again soon and you flatter me so about the photos πŸ™‚ x

    • hi ed, thanks for dropping by, its gonna be a huuuuge challenge but i’m gonna give it a go πŸ™‚ and have added the clause in case somed ays i dont manage it by saying i am gonna attempt to blog MOST days πŸ˜€ x

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