365 things I am grateful for …

So, along side my ambitous ‘post a day 2011’ attempt, I am also going to attempt to do a 365 (which seems to be all the rage) attempt at things I am grateful for.

In time, within the next few days, this is going to become a ‘page’ on my blog, and I am going to try and daily add something that I am grateful for. The only clause I add to this, is again, the same one with the blog posting, that its an attempt. I may do one a day sometimes, I may do three in one day if i’ve backlogged a little. Every now and then I will promote I am doing this, but I wont ‘tweet’ it every day, unless i’ve specifically blogged about it.

I also may ‘blog’ properly about some of the things I put onto the grateful list, and again I may not. Some things will be mega things, and again some things will be little.

We’ll see how it goes. For the first few, until I have got the page set up, I’ll blog … so

Number 1) the roof i have over my head.


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