a short poem by fragz

The below is a poem I have had on the go for many months now. I keep coming back to it, time and time again, to ‘complete’ and yet, every time I do, or every time inspiration has hit, and I think ooh that be part of that poem, by the time I’ve got to write down the thoughts, they’ve gone. So I have concluded that maybe the poem is meant to be unfinished, and there for complete as it is.

The blink of her eyes, the teardrops fall,

as the tired body crumples up against the wall,

no one and nothing to stand her upright

on to the floor she goes, losing her fight


The feeling is extreme, rushing through her veins,

Never before has she felt such pain,

In the middle of the night, when silence is all around,

Who is there to cry out to?



3 thoughts on “a short poem by fragz

  1. May I finish it for you?

    As she comes to the end of herself she finds out
    She was never alone in her pain
    For always the love of her Savior was there
    She need only have called out his name

    His name is Jesus.

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