Dear Mr Tong …

Dear Mr Tong …

I award you the Institute of Fragmentz 1st class Degree(Hons) in being a Moron.

Well done. You have achieved highly.

You have also no doubt impressed upon some young or vulnerable people that having an illness which is life ruining/threatening at its worst is ‘glamourous’ because to be ‘thin’ is to be good. You could not be more wrong.

You have probably achieved what you set out. Notoriety. People have publicised you without meaning to, people have talked about you, you have trended on twitter (wahoo, bet you are so hugely proud of that) and have caused hurt and upset by the thousands. You have stamped on the lives of people who are unwell with eating disorders, and their families who also endure and suffer.

Some people think you can not be for real, that this is all a ‘stunt’. Some people think you are for real. And are listening. Thats the saddest bit to this. Because either way, what you are doing, and your achievements are of the worst kind. You are unwell yourself.

I hope you one day come the realisation of the harm you may be and are causing and what a complete lunatic you yourself have become. Go get some help.

And please dont be too proud of your Degree, from Fragmentz … as no one else is.

Without Kind Regards,



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