Quitting ‘Post a Day 2011’

the title of this blog says it all really.

And Yes, I am aware that it is only a week into the project. Maybe I have not even done a whole week.

I know some people may be smiling and thinking ‘I knew she wouldn’t do it’. Thats fine. I don’t mind. I can admit when I fail at something. And this is one of those times.

The concept of Post a Day 2011 came from WordPress itself, the people who I blog through. And its a great idea. For some people. I was excited about it, and thought it was something I could achieve. And in fact, I still think it is something I could achieve, however it is not something I WANT to achieve. And the reasons are as follows …

When I created Fragmentz, the blog, it was with the view of blogging about things that I had in my head, on my mind. It was intended as an outlet. It is a space where I write things that sometimes I find difficult to talk about in real life ( lets talk about rape … being such a post to give an example). Its a space where I can air my thoughts, my poems, my writings, my struggles with life, faith, the world around me, health, depression and other such things. I want it to continue being that space.

Its a space where I have been true to myself, and want to continue being so. And that means not posting things for the sake of it. And thats what I realised the other night, when I was at home, after a very long and weary day, at work, and when my mood was not at its best. I was about to go and hide under my duvet when I realised I had yet to blog … so I trawled through my computer to see what I could find to ‘stick up’ so I could fulfil my quota of ‘daily posting’. I ended up rambling about Glee. Just so I had posted.

That was never what Fragmentz was about. And it isnt.

Hence why I am quitting out of the ‘post a day’ project, and will continue to write/blog here as before.

I hope those of you who have been reading through post a day continue, and if not, then its been nice to briefly be part of your ‘group’ and thank you as ever to those of you who regularly read and keep up to date with the ever changing roller coaster ride of a life that is Fragz.



9 thoughts on “Quitting ‘Post a Day 2011’

  1. I admire this so much, so many people would have just continued to post anything and everything or just stopped. The fact that you decided it wasn’t for you because “Its a space where I have been true to myself, and want to continue being so. And that means not posting things for the sake of it” says it all. I have to admit, if you had continued to post for the sake of it I probably would of switched off and not come back after a while.

    I like your ‘true’ content and they way your write and because of that I will definitely be back. I may not always comment but I do always read.

  2. Good for you, lovely! SJ has picked up the exact point I was going to. Post-a-day is great for WordPress and their stats; but to me blogging is about a much wider conversation, a conversation that needs space and silence as much as it needs words. A wise decision: well done! 🙂

  3. I appreciate your thoughts on this enterprise and have seen a number of posts from others who have come to the same realization as you did. My situation is quite the opposite. I have two seasonal work blogs, both private, that don’t require regular posts. Since they’re for a captive audience of sorts, I don’t really feel like a blogger when using them.

    I joined the Post a Day project for a couple of reasons, one being that although I have an interest in blogging, I haven’t had a subject I’ve cared enough about to devote a blog to. Until now, that is.

    My Post a Day blog is called “Trying to Say in a Post a Day.” Although the title rhymes, that wasn’t my intent. Instead, it was inspired by Faulkner’s character Benjy, whom you have no doubt met, the man with the mind of a two- or three- year old, whom his brother describes as “trying to say” when he reaches out to communicate with others. When I first read The Sound and the Fury a couple of decades ago, Benjy’s condition and experiences affected me profoundly. It wasn’t just that Benjy’s mental abilities were so limited, though the thought of it is painful enough. There was also the self-centered reason that as a writer, I felt myself struggling for my voice, struggling “to say.”

    Over the years, the further I’ve gotten from my own writing, as opposed to work writing, the less I’ve struggled to say. But, like Benjy, I have never stopped wanting to say. So when the Post a Day challenge call was issued, I answered it as soon as I saw it.

    I’m not concerned about the depth of what I write in Trying to Say. For me, it’s an exercise in my blog’s subtitle, which is “on becoming a writing writer.” So far, this has been a good experience for me. Yes, there have been a couple of days when, indeed, I did post just for the sake of posting. But doing so gave me a much-needed sense of accomplishment and reinforced the discipline I’m trying to cultivate.

    Sorry for such a long response. Having written all this, I’ll probably use most of it in responding to tomorrow’s Post a Day question on why we started our blogs. I’m glad to have read your thoughts on the subject before writing my own.

  4. Hi,please don’t ever think that you have failed..you haven’t. In fact I think you have gained respect and admiration from your blog readers.

    A wordpress chalenge is nice and exciting but if you are not in the mood to blog or if you have nothing on your mind, why being forced into doing something for the sake of appearances?

  5. sorry to see, but completely understandable .. i try to bother the reader every day but sometimes it’s just not possible. i think the rigid idea of doing so benefits no one except google. i have a lot of rubbish to promote, and this rubbish is the very core and style of my blog, thankfully .. i’ll keep reading your’s .. cheers alan

  6. I applaud you for a really sensible and blog focussed decision. I also believe that there are days when blogging just doesn’t flow, whilst other days many posts might be published. going with the flow is what matters. well done you.

  7. I have to say, I couldn’t post every day. Sometimes I struggle to post once a week. For the new year I did set myself a goal of six times a month. The purpose of this was to make sure I kept the blog reasonably ticking over.

    I’m looking forward to following you no matter how often you blog 🙂

  8. Hi

    I think your honesty about not wanting to be enslaved to ‘blog a day’ is exactly why this is such a great site. It’s so easy to end up doing things because we feel we ought to and then losing all the joy and creativity that comes from writing. And whilst it’s fun to hear about Glee, it’s not as interesting as what you’ve got to say!


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