*Guest Blog by Cal* titled Once Upon A Time …

Watch this…

I usually hate nothing more than TV adverts, but this one, well this one is brilliant. In the sixty seconds it lasts I find myself completely mesmerized and immersed in it. I don’t know whether it’s the dialogue or the fact that Dustin Hoffman is delivering it because I could listen to him talk all day. But what I do know is that each time I watch it makes me think of the subject he mentions… Stories. Like is mentioned in the clip, a story can make you laugh, laugh so hard that your stomach hurts, they can make you cry, they can make you question yourself, reminisce of times gone by or people you miss, remind you of good things to come and in some cases can completely turn a life around or completely change it all together whether for good or bad.

I love stories. Not necessarily my own though because I’m terrible for telling a story and realising half way through or worse once I’ve finished it that I’m the only one who finds it funny or interesting.But I love listening to other people stories. I don’t care if it’s a story about them washing their hair in the morning, going down to the shop to buy a pint of milk or if it’s a more serious one about something that’s upsetting you or your going through at the time. I just love it when someone shares their story.

For me personally I love sitting and listening to stories from my family. Take my Dad for instance. My Dad is brilliant at telling stories. I love hearing of times when he worked on the rigs, stories that you know are disgusting and you shouldn’t laugh but still find yourself still completely creased over at. Or my Mum who a lot of the time can’t tell stories because she is too busy laughing herself. And then there’s Dave, my Step-Dad, who is terrible for telling really bad jokes or stories from his “Essex background” and sometimes we’re “lucky” to hear the same story more than once.

But my point is this… This advert sparked the trail of thought that made me realise that even though I love hearing peoples stories, that sometimes I take them for granted or don’t fully appreciate them. Sometimes people talk about something that doesn’t usually interest me, Something I might not agree with or I sometimes take it for granted that the person telling me the story or the person in the story will be around for years to come. The best example of this would be the recent passing of my Grandad Pete, well my step-grandad technically but I looked up to him enough that I just looked at him as if he was my Grandad. I loved it when he would tell stories of the troubles and strifes he would be having that week with his wife Belle, or when Dad mentioned the two of them, at times I genuinely thought that if the BBC filmed them they would be the new big double act. But I took it for granted I would be able to enjoy a new story every week for years to come. But now that he is gone I miss those stories.

It’s so easy to not see the importance in a story, to just dismiss it as ‘Just another conversation’ or not give the person to tell their story in the first place as sometimes our own ego and attention seeking seems more important than listening to the other person. I know I’m more guilty of that as anyone. But this advert, for something as simple as a new TV channel has challenged me to more of an effort to listen to others, to share in the brilliance of a story, their story, together.

(You can check out Cal’s blog out at tbsiamb and do feel free to post any thoughts/comments you have)

(Fragmentz would like to Thank Cal very much for agreeing to be a Guest Blogger :))


One thought on “*Guest Blog by Cal* titled Once Upon A Time …

  1. I have to agree, I also love this advert and always, no matter how many times I see it, think he’s going to go on and advertise something profound, not just a new tv channel.It has a great “feel” about it.

    After reading this post this morning, I will pay attention to my own behaviour. I am guilty of jumping in at times before someone has finished speaking and I will pay attention to that. Though the times I do, I’m not alone, it’s a busy office, so I will also have to watch to see if I can still be heard when I have something to say 🙂

    Great post!

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