still here …

the battle to keep my head above the water is in full rage.

as in full fragmentz style, everything is/has all kicked off at once.

nothing is ever quiet, simple or easy in my world. although i am not sure i’d know how to live if it was!

anyway, i am here, i am surviving.

i am 13 weeks in on the not smoking effort.

i am 10 months in on not self harming.

i am nearly 3 years into being alive, and my OD not succeeding.

so, although its fair to say the shit has hit the fan, it is also fair to say there are some achievements there too.

i’m trying to hang on to them!

and the fact i have some wonderful people around me, and beautiful and amazing people across the country who tweet at me, put up with me crying and going on on the phone, and who are generally all round lovely.

sorry my blog posts have been so little.

i appreciate all you who read, and hope you have not buggered off because i have been so quiet. also hope life is treating you well too.

love Fragz x