still here …

the battle to keep my head above the water is in full rage.

as in full fragmentz style, everything is/has all kicked off at once.

nothing is ever quiet, simple or easy in my world. although i am not sure i’d know how to live if it was!

anyway, i am here, i am surviving.

i am 13 weeks in on the not smoking effort.

i am 10 months in on not self harming.

i am nearly 3 years into being alive, and my OD not succeeding.

so, although its fair to say the shit has hit the fan, it is also fair to say there are some achievements there too.

i’m trying to hang on to them!

and the fact i have some wonderful people around me, and beautiful and amazing people across the country who tweet at me, put up with me crying and going on on the phone, and who are generally all round lovely.

sorry my blog posts have been so little.

i appreciate all you who read, and hope you have not buggered off because i have been so quiet. also hope life is treating you well too.

love Fragz x


4 thoughts on “still here …

  1. Hi Fragz;

    I can relate to the feeling of treading water, although I was never good at in the pool. It was in 1984 after separating from my spouse. I left the church and dentistry and was unemployed for 6 months in ’85. I felt pretty alone and worthless. I somehow forgot that I was bipolar and neglected to get my Lithium Rx refilled and went through a couple of highs and lows before getting back to treatment. I then took a light delivery job for KFC.

    Anyhow I recently viewed a talk by the author of a book – “Tired of Trying to Measure Up” – which explained a lot about the treadmill I have been on. His name is Jeff Van Vonderen – an American.
    If you are interested, the TV program might be available in UK at http// or on FB at – look for a 4 part series with Jeff Von V in past shows (in Jan/Feb ’11).

    Best wishes, Mymoss.

  2. Hi Fragz,

    You know what I like best about you? It is the way you tell it as it is own up to the dips in your life and you accept that you are not going backwards just found yourself facing a bit of a steep hill and running out of puff.

    I can’t believe how far you have come … have been so strong and I truly admire your courage and determination in everything you have achieved in the last three years. I am so happy to read you have friends who are helping you along the way and I wish you every Blessing as you venture forward into another year of surprises and opportunities.

    Thanks for sharing
    Love Em xx

  3. Girl I am Sooooo blessed you are in my life…love your honesty…So I will be honest too…You are not alone in this fight to stay alive and not fall to things of this world…But because we are new in Christ even when we dont feel like it…We can walk w/ confidence that we are not of this world…God is w/ you now fighting for you helping you stand the ground you want to stand on…Lean on His strength not your own..”the Joy of the Lord is your strength” ..
    I encourage you to read the word when your in a the craving mode…and when your not in temptation…Fill your self with Good…God will do the rest…Oh and pray 🙂
    Love ya…

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