Just a little poem of sorts, written as my own thoughts to the #ididnotreport hashtag and tweets that flooded twitter a few days ago. Some incredibly brave tweeters, and a beautiful (but incredibly sad) thing to see so many people finding a voice. 

My own response is about being abused as a child, teenager, and then as an adult in an event that was totally seperate to any of the stuff i’d experienced as a young person. 

(its probably not the most poetically grammatically correct btw)

so here we are, my little poem 



#ididnotreport because who would have heard?

#ididnotreport because who would believe?

#ididnotreport because i could not utter a single word … 

#ididnotreport because it meant more punishment i’d receive.


#ididnotreport as I got older, for what would be the reason?

#ididnotreport as things moved on, but the memories remain,

#ididnotreport as years went by, and life moved into a new season,

#ididnotreport as i always felt i deserved the pain.


#ididnotreport because i had nothing left worth trying to save

#ididnotreport because nothing mattered to me any more 

#ididnotreport because i could never be that brave

#ididnotreport because even when i tried, someone always closed that door.

#ididnotreport for it had all gone plus more

#ididnotreport for everything i had left was taken

#ididnotreport for I had been shaken to the very core,

#ididnotreport for my whole life had  been broken. 


#ididnotreport but sometimes I wish I had. 

© Fragmentz