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dreaming, eating, sleeping, reading, writing, photography, art, chatting, cake, wine, chocolate, shopping, alternative worship, fair trade, jesus, mental health issues, ‘the church’, supporting survivors of abuse, slimming world.

Currently listening to …

Most played on my phone/ ipod lately :  joy williams, plumb, vicky beeching, emilie sande, michael mcdermott, florence and the machine

Currently reading

God on Mute by Pete Grieg

(Pete Greig was speaking at a conference I attended recently, and although I didn’t get to hear him, several people suggested this book. So far, I’m 3 chapters in and finding it incredibly challenging … anyone else read it?)


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great blog about Remembrance day. Here we call it Veterans Day. In the little town where I pastor, we gathered at the Veterans park and remembered. The widow of Man killed in Iraq placed a wreath at the flag pole. It brought our community together, white and black. That’s pretty good for Mississippi. Enjoy your blogs. Hope I didn’t run you away when I told you I was a pastor. but that’s what I am. I’m a little different than the ordinary Baptist Pastor in Mississippi. Grace and Blessings.

  2. I’m glad you found my blog, and in turn gave me the opportunity to find yours. I dig sigur ros and ncis too (and am starting to make wine to carry on the tradition of my recently passed father).

    Great stuff. I look forward to reading more.

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  4. Hey fragz – I know it’s all a load of plum duff, but just wanted to send a friendly wave and wish you all the best for Christmas and 2011. You’ve been an inspiration this past year: keep on keeping on, OK? Love and hugs.

  5. help help help. my voice is screaming, and for once i have in your blog that sense of hope that sense of relief that sense of yes finally someone out there who understands now the rest of the church and society wake up here.

    Im on a mission (or several) to a support myself in my own self harm issues – to support others with self harm issues and to educate others in authority or should no better. I recent safegaurding officer and christian said about a young person almost to ignore the person, and their own youth worker said the same. what support does that person then get??? ahhh and grrrrr.

    my campaign will continue

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