Blog Roll

This is my first ever proper ‘blog roll’. All the people featured below are people whose blogs I read on a regular basis, and/or inspire me much. Please check them out. Also, do let me know if I have missed you off and you would like to be on this list, I have not intentionally not included anyone, and the list is easily added too!

Phil’s Blog – ‘the very random thoughts of Phil’

George Luke – ‘the corner of the Web from where George Luke muses on whatever he finds muse-worthy’

Commuter Theology – ‘looking out for God in my daily commute’

Splodz Blogz – ‘the 8th great blog event of the 3rd millennium’

tbsiamb – ‘the boy stuck in a mans body’

Take Broken Me – ‘i’m scared but i’ll trust, i’ll fail but i’m going to grow into you’

Phil’s Boring Blog – ‘news and views from Phil and Sue Groom, but mostly from Phil’

Confessions of a Serial Insomniac – ‘I’m Pandora. I’m a 20 something walking collection of psychiatric diagnoses and pharmaceutical goods who lurks in the dark recesses of her wide-awake consciousness in the middle of the night’

From The Same Sky – ‘the same sky’

Myriad Musings – ‘a day in the life of a multi’

The Prozac Queen’s Court – ‘Musings about life, love with the occasional Chewy Sweet Tart’

A Blog Less Ordinary – ‘in the silence only the darkness hears my typing’


1 thought on “Blog Roll

  1. Could I be a part of your blogroll? I am currently in the last phases of conquering Neurotic Depression and am coping through (sometimes a little too) creative writing, poetry and ranting a lot aobut nothing.

    I have just added your blog to mine.

    You can find my blog at, it’s named I Fkkn Rokk and the description would be: Writing, Poetry and Rants about Society and Politics.

    Thank you. 🙂

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