reflectionThe world is but a canvas to the imagination – Henry David Thoreau

One thing I have become more and more interested in over the last 12 months is photography and poetry.

I am a complete novice, amateur, newbie to the art of taking pictures and writing/poetry, however it has been something I have been able to focus time and effort into during a time of being in a no mans land place.

the beachSomething i am passionate about and enjoy doing is creating. Creativity can be the way we view things, the way we play an instrument, the way we write, the way we think.

Creativity can be about turning imagination and ideas into reality. I believe creativity is about expression and individuality I believe anyone and everyone can be creative.

watching the world go byI hope my lack of technical expertise and knowledge is made up by the heaps of enthusiasm I have and a passion to experiment and see beauty and interest in ordinary things

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun – Mary Lou Cook –

If your interested in seeing some more of my photography, you can find more on my flickr page.

You will also find a selection of my poetry on my blog at

Feel free to leave any comments, or advice. constructive stuff welcome too

All 4 photos on this page are: ©Fragmentz


4 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. aww, thanks Ellie. I have loads more, mostly on my Flickr, tho its been a while since i’ve taken any… must get back into going out and taking some snaps 🙂

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