Poems 1

The Whisper.
Foundation, false lashes and make up covering the bruised eye,
A weary body, waking up every day with a sigh,
Stories to tell, from behind those closed doors,
Of a life so unfulfilled and full of wars.

The days go by, turning into weeks, months and then years …
A body crying out for help, a loud plea, which no one hears with
Pills in one hand, alcohol in the other, it feels like there is no way out
But all of a sudden her mind is consumed with a whisper of doubt.

Looking upwards, reaching out her arms and lifting up her head,
Slowly, standing on her feet, she walks away from where she bled.
With her one small bag packed and a coat over her shoulder
On she walks, and walks until the day comes when she is older.

As the years pass by, the scars never go, but begin to get lighter
She sits down, and watches life go by, and the sun getting brighter
And as she confronts all of the things in her life she fears
In the stillness the previous whisper of ‘I love you’ is all she hears.

© Fragmentz

You Are Mine

Tears fall, streaming down her face,

as she curls up on the floor,

believing that for her, it is the only place,

because she does not deserve any more.

She wraps her arms around her chest,

to try and ease the bruises and the pain,

lying there, very still, with no energy to protest,

fading into the carpet, like a stain.

Ignored, unseen and trampled on,

by the people who walk over with no cares,

feeling filthy and ashamed, finally she is stumbled upon,

and up she stand in full view of their stares.

The broken bones are tenderly held,

as the arms that are open wide wrap round tightly,

all fears and trembling are quelled,

the light that is above shines so brightly.

Rising up, so tall, looking up to the skies,

totally embraced, and finally starting to feel loved,

the ash becomes a beauty, as the sun begins to rise,

and a voice speaks into her soul, ‘ you are mine, beloved’.

© Fragmentz

a poem

scum, slapper, slag, whore

words being shouted more and more,
stones are picked up and thrown in her face,
because all society thinks is what a disgrace.

so, slowly, heading home, she takes a walk,
longing for one person who will talk,
maybe say a nice word, or give a smile,
hoping one day to feel that her life is worthwhile.

the needle goes in, no feeling of pain,
as the liquid runs through a vein
silently moving, right up to the eye,
where to sleep she falls, without even a cry.

the nightmares, all the time they come and go,
sometimes thick and fast, but often long and slow,
the morning sun rises, and its back to the streets,
to earn some money from people she meets.

Stood on a corner, a life totally wrecked,
hoping and praying that she can regain some respect.
looking upwards, a tired mind, searching for peace,
longing that all the suffering and aching will cease.

cherished, precious, loved and valuable
the stranger collecting the tears by the bottle full
speaking meaningful words that soak into her soul,
so that someday, once again she can become whole.

© Fragmentz

I look

I look down and see the ground

I look up and see the skies

I look around and wonder where the people are

I look hard and try to find some sense in this life

It is hard when you don’t see what you need

It is hard when you can’t see what it is your longing for

It is hard when you just want that someone to tell you they love you

It is hard when it does not happen

Why does it always rain but you can feel the heat?

Why does the sun shine, but you can feel the cold?

Why is it that people all around are laughing and smiling … ?

Why is it that you laugh and smile with them but cry inside?

When will the heat cool down and cold start to fade?

When will life regain composure and normality?

When will  the heart that is broken mend?

When will it feel like life has begun again?

I look down and see the ground

I look up and see the skies

I look around and wonder where the people are

I look hard and try to find some sense in this life

© Fragmentz

I am

I am not a punch bag

I am not yours to do as you like

I am not some dirty cloth to throw on the floor

I am not just another person to be abused

I have feelings

I have a heart

I have a body that cries

I have eyes, even if they don’t show the tears

I feel the fear sometimes

I feel the sadness of a life unlived

I feel the pain I never speak of

I feel the beating of a broken heart

I wish I could turn back time

I wish life could make more sense

I wish you would view me different

I wish you could hear me

I hope for hope

I hope for peace

I hope for love

I hope for mercy.

I am me

I am her

I am that person

I am

© Fragmentz


3 thoughts on “Poems 1

    • thank you marianne again for taking the time to read and respond. i appreciate your thoughts. my heart is broken, but its slowly being taught how to fit back together again 🙂 x

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