Poems 2

I wrote the poem “Why?” a couple of years ago, and was very honoured for it to recently be published in a book by Veronica Zundel called “Crying for the Light”.


So, Lord tell me why you planned this?
I would like to know.

You made me, and have your hand on me,
but where are you?
In the dark times of pain, you feel so close
yet so far away.

So, Lord, tell me why you planned this?
I would like to know.

I feel I have no words to say, but my
fingers keep typing away
trying to find some reasoning ,
trying to work out why,

so Lord tell me!
Why did you plan all this?
I would like to know.

You made the sun, the stars and the sea.
You made this world,
this life I live
which sometimes wonders where you are.

So, Lord, tell me why you planned this?
I would like to know.

Sometimes I cant see clearly through the thick black cloud
but sometimes I look out and see light.
I cry out to you, God, time and time again,
asking, searching, needing, wanting …

So, Lord, tell me why you planned this?
I would like to know.

© Fragmentz


Behind smile is sometimes a heart that cries
There is often a body that is so exhausted
a mind that is in need of rest,
and a life in need of healing

Behind the smile is a person

Behind the face is someone in need of love
Someone in need of friendship
A life needing to be restored
And wandering if and how it will ever happen

Behind the face is a person

Behind the laugh is someone so unsure
Of how people will think,
And trying hard to be the smile,
The face, and the laugh

Behind the laugh is a person

Behind the smile, behind the face, behind the laugh is
A person who can dream
A person who can hope
A person who can learn to live again.

© Fragmentz


Those city lights, shine so brightly

A sign of life, hustle and bustle.

Smiles being smiled,

Laughs being laughed.

Shopping to be done, chat to be had.

The sex seller, the addict, the drunk

Condemned and judged,

that’s what people do

Kicked down to the ground, so low

Seen as unworthy, nothing, nobodies, no one

Those city lights shine so brightly

Bursting on to the streets through windows,

Doors opening to welcome home sons, daughters,

Mothers and fathers.

Tables being laid, families gather for food.

The sex seller, the addict, the drunk

Sitting on the curb, wandering the streets.

Seen as unworthy, nothing, no bodies, no one

Broken souls, shattered into tiny pieces

Devoid of all love, peace and hope.

Those city lights, shine so brightly

As the evening draws to an end,

One by one out go the house lights,

As children are tucked in, and

‘I love you’s’ are heard.

The sex seller, the addict , the drunk

Laying on the floor, in the dirt,

Hurting, hungry, homeless

Wondering  how life seemed to pass

By, without anyone in the world to give a care.

Those city lights, shine so brightly

Doors begin to open, Hands begin to outstretch …

And ever so gently, in to the darkness reaches

The whisper, that’s says ‘I love you’ to

The sex seller, the addict, the drunk.

© fragmentz

Nightime words

In the middle of the night
All is still, silence all around
The skies are black, stars shining
An owl hoots, no cares in the world.

On the bed she lays,
Staring out of the window,
Thinking how life is passing her by,
Daring to dream of change.

The heart cry of her world,
Longs to love and be loved,
Waiting quietly in the shadows
Of all that is good around her.

A song in the background,
Melodies, sweet harmonies,
Over and over, gentle words,
Soothing the soul, healing the hurt.

A mind so broken and fragmented,
Slowly being put back to pieces,
Longing for the day to arrive,
Where beauty shines through.

© Fragmentz

Nameless Poem

Everything in disarray … the cuts bleeding,

crumpled on the floor,

a beautiful face so distant, weeping.

So weary, so exhausted, broken,

a glass shell shattering into tiny pieces,

Until it is just a dust on the dirty floor

The rain falls, the winds blow

From the east, through to the west

The storm rages, heavy and rough

The skies darken, turning to black,

All of creation trembles, all hope moving,

Further away, slowly disappearing.

Eyes so tired, finally slowly closing,

So gentle, as everything turns to white

And peace overtakes above all else

The warmth engulfs the soul,

Sweeping through every part,

As the little sweet nothings are whispered

The long night comes to an end,

The light begins to rise, morning is here

Another battle is over for now.

© fragmentz


6 thoughts on “Poems 2

  1. I sent your poem called Behind to my friend.. to bring her some comfort as she is going through such a hard time.. the words will mean a lot to her.. so thank you :0) M..

    • Hey,
      thanks for taking some time to read my stuff and for passing it on to someone else that you feel it could be helpful for. One of the very reasons why I have this site, write, and post things is so that maybe something just resonates with someone else in a small way, and that means something to them, and perhaps they dont feel so alone.
      I hope your the poem is able to support your friend somehow, in some small way.
      take care
      Fragmentz x

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